> forge

forge [new item]
Usable by: Smuggler
Stat: technical
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)
Other info: not usable in combat

Forge allows a smuggler of high enough level to forge official credentials from a ship id security card.

All recipes require ship id security card.

Available recipes:

7bespin security badge
7rodian passport
7shuttle ticket
11bespin hotel reservation
11carida access card
11centerpoint corellian access card
11crseih access card
11ord mantell port authority passcard
14kessel id card
14myrkr garrison badge
14sluis access pass
14starport authorization pass
19af'el customs card
19bespin smuggler pass
19ds checkpoint pass
19ds level access key
19rodia hunting ground ticket
20ssd shuttle pass
25black sun cardkey
25borleias military passcard
25discount cab card
40cab card

You may use the first few characters of any recipe instead of typing it all out.