Bank and mail services

Skill used: bank and mail services
Usable by: Diplomat (level 5)
Other info: passive skill

Diplomats can get interest at banks. The interest is compounded every minute, and comes out to a rate of 1% per day. There is no restriction on using the bank - interest accrues all the time.

One week (168 hours) is the longest time the account can remain untouched and get interest for. For bank accounts with more than one million credits in them, interest is accrued only on the first one million credits.

The accumulated interest will not show up in 'score' automatically. You can only see your new real bank balance by checking at the bank, by using <balance> or <withdraw> or <deposit>.

A loan office can be found inside the diplomat building on Coruscant. From there diplomats can get a small loan, just enough to help them get started again, should they become completely penniless.

All bank transactions will be prohibited as long as the diplomat has unpaid loans. The interest on the loan is 1% per day. Only every full 24 hour period counts as one day. So it is possible to get a loan and pay it back during the same day and suffer no extra costs.