Devaronians come from the temperate world of Devaron. The species is sexually dimorphic in features and build. Male Devaronians have a pair of curved horns atop their bald heads and a mouth full of sharp, pointed teeth. Females, on the other hand, have a pair of colored, vestigial bumps on their forehead and flat teeth designed for eating plants. Non-binary Devaronians generally follow male traits, but have both sharp and flat teeth which allow them a broader diet than either males or females. Also, while the males are typically bald except for perhaps sideburns or, in the rare case, beards, females are able to grow hair on their heads similar to that of a Human.

Due to their silver-based, black blood Devaronians are naturally resilient to poisons and foodstuffs other races may find toxic. The downside is that sulfur acts as an addictive stimulant for them increasing their strength and speed for a short period. The sulfur is bad for their system as their livers have a difficult time processing and removing it. Long-term use of sulfur can lead to liver failure and death.

The Devaronian culture is matriarchal with females holding down positions of power in government, business, and the households. Males are cursed with an instinctive wanderlust which leads them to lives as pilots, explorers, and various forms of mercenaries. Contrary to appearances, the males are extremely loyal to their families and try to stay in contact by sending most of their earnings back home. The females are generally glad to have males out of the way as they consider them too brash and troublesome to keep at home all the time.

Devaronians boast a higher frequency of sensitivity to the Force than most races, but their culture lacks any Force-based tradition. Generally, while the males and females have approximately the same amount of talent in the Force, males tended not to sign up as Jedi training kept them tied down to one location for too long.

Devaronian characters are able to socialize more frequently, resist poisons (hopefully unrelated to the socialization), and demonstrate natural talent with any abilities that benefit from the Force. They also see more success with the skills needed by galactic merchants to ply their trade.

Armor size: medium



Note: Devaronian may select a sacrifice stat at character creation, which they may reduce as low as 3.

Note: Devaronians are a sexually dimorphic race and their stats vary slightly depending on gender. Females gain a +1 bonus to dexterity and a -1 to mechanical. Males and Non-binary gain a +1 bonus to strength and a -1 to technical.