> decoy

decoy setup
decoy deactivate
Usable by: Bounty Hunter (level 11)
Stat: technical
Cooldown: 5 minutes ("decoy")
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)

This lets a bounty hunter set up an identical decoy of themselves in the room. The decoys can be used to fool other players of the BH's whereabouts and distract those pursuing him or her. The downside is that the decoys are very vulnerable to attacks.

Typing decoy by itself tells if you have a decoy of yourself already in existence.

The bounty hunter can deactivate the decoy at will with <decoy deactivate>.

This skill can only be used once every 5 minutes and you cannot set up a new decoy while an old one still exists. To get rid of your own decoy, you must kill it.