You can buy a condo on Soleada, the Death Star, and the Sluis Van Shipyards. Condos are a safe place for players to store their equipment while they are logged off. Of course, nothing in a condo survives a reboot.

To get a condo, find the condo office on the relevant planet and <register>.

The costs of the condos are as follows:

   Soleada    - 30000 credits
   Death Star - 40000 credits
   Sluis Van  - 45000 credits

Merchants of level 16 and above will receive a discount when purchasing their condos.

To enter your condo, <scan handprint> at all three locations. If you are married, your spouse can also enter your condo. The command for them is simply <spouse> in all the condos. You can also invite players and droids into your condo. They will need to stand outside of your condo and then you can type <invite [player]>. If for some reason you wish to throw these visitors out of your condo, you should type <evict [player]>. No uninvited players may enter the condos, so they offer excellent privacy.