This race of near-human beings was noted for its ability to alter its shape. Clawdites were native to the planet Zolan. Descended from the base Zolander stock, Clawdites were polymorphic within the boundaries of their own body mass, but could pass for virtually any other race with the proper concentration on the form.

This ability was accidentally triggered when scientists tried to activate dormant skin genes in the Zolanders, in an effort to protect the race from increasing solar radiation. The genetic structure of the Zolander subjects was dramatically altered, and centuries of evolution produced the Clawdite race.

Depending on the skill of the individual Clawdite, they might simply change their facial appearance or alter their entire body shape. The ability to alter one's shape allowed the Clawdites to blend into enemy camps, where they could gather intelligence to commit crimes. Shape-changing took a good deal of patience and practice for the Clawdites, although medical enhancement of their physiology could enhance their abilities.

A given appearance couldn't be maintained for very long, and a dead Clawdite always reverted back to its original appearance. Because of their shape-changing ability, Clawdites were ostracized by their Zolander cousins, and there were several periods of civil war marking Zolan's history.

The Clawdites petitioned Count Dooku and the Separatists for aid in defeating the Zolanders, but were ignored when the Clone Wars broke out.

Because of the ability of the Clawdites to alter their appearance, the planet Zolan was blockaded by the Empire, in an effort to prohibit the Clawdites from traveling abroad. After the Battle of Endor, the Clawdites mercilessly attacked the Zolanders, eventually taking control of the planet before the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy.

At this point, the New Republic began recruiting the Clawdites, hoping to use their shape-changing skills to infiltrate the Yuuzhan Vong.

While Clawdite characters are capable of taking on the forms of other races, they lack the lifetime of experience a natural-born would have with the assumed race's unique talents. Still, they maintain an affinity for disguise, camouflage, and throwing animals off their trail.

Armor size: medium



Note: Clawdite may select a sacrifice stat at character creation, which they may reduce as low as 3.