> cbribe

cbribe [player] deny
cbribe [player] miscab [planet]
cbribe [player] inform
Usable by: Bounty Hunter (level 13)
Other info: concealable

Bounty hunters can bribe cabbies to do various things when a particular player tries to use that cabbie's services, such as denying service or informing the hunter.

At level 13, the hunter can have the cabbie deny any trip the target player may attempt. This lasts for 30 minutes.

At level 21, the hunter may have the cabbie redirect the target's trip so that the target ends up on a planet of the hunter's choice. This is only good for one use.

Finally, at level 40, the hunter may have the cabbie tell the hunter where the target is going every time the target uses the cabbie. This will last until the cabbie is killed.

Bounty Hunters cannot use cabbie bribe on any player they can't aggro. Using the skill will cause the target to get persistent aggro on you.