Bounty Hunter Armor

Notes on Constructing and Using Bounty Hunter Armor

Bounty Hunter armor can be modified and used by High Mortal Bounty Hunters level 25 and higher.

Certain pieces of armor across the MUD are designed for use by bounty hunters. This means that it has a number of modification slots, into which a HM bounty hunter can install modifications.

When a modification is installed, it may allow the wearer to use special commands. Just <look> at the armor to see if any such commands are available.

Modification Description Requirement
capture nethold enemies in place brieflycapture net
dosage applierapply bacta or helpful poisonsdosage applier
droid deployerhold LR droids and deploy themLR remote
energy shieldcreates a power, short-lived shieldsizzling shield
flame throwerblast target with flames!flame rifle
flare tubeblind enemiesflare tube
fortificationauto-repair armor, reduce armor dmgnano coating
holsterholster weaponsholster
hyperalloy framereduce armor weightore
ionizerdisable electronics, damage droidsmini ion cannon
jetpackallow zooming through exitsjetpack
launcherlaunch additional ammo at enemieslauncher
neural disruptormakes target easier to hitwrist phaser
passive defenseincreases the armor's effectivenessarmored plate
whipcorddrag enemies toward youwhipcord
ammo caseincreases charges in armorammo case