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basecamp setup
basecamp breakdown
Skill used: base camp
Usable by: Scout (level 16)

When exploring, scouts often setup a base of operations to work from. This tends to include a small tent for privacy, some rations, and a table to layout maps. Scouts are also able to <rest> at these sites in order to better prepare themselves to take on whatever challenge lies in store.

Advanced scouts are often able to setup temporary docking beacons to allow for the most basic of dock services required for ordering items, mailing, or hailing emergency transport off-planet. However, they are unable to launch and land their own ships. In addition, more experienced scouts can let allies rest at their basecamp as well to gain all of the benefits that entails. Scouts also can setup planter boxes in their advanced basecamps that they can use to grow plants in or forage supplies from. Further, at level 25, the bonus for resting in the basecamp is doubled in duration.

Over time, scouts also learn to be prepared for any situation and pre-stock their basecamps with supplies. These supplies are included the first time their basecamp is setup that boot and are stashed away in the camp's footlocker.

Scouts of sufficient experience are also able to taxi to their basecamp. At a taxi operated by a smuggler simply <select basecamp> as your location and pay the normal fee.

Note that certain locations are either too remote, too dangerous, or too deep in a planet for a docking beacon to function. Additionally, basecamps are NOT a protected, gated area. Anyone can wander in if they would like. Please plan accordingly.