Aqualish is the name of the sentient humanoids from the planet Ando, as well as the name of their language. They have three subspecies classifications: Aquala, Quara, and Ualaq. Each subspecies thinks itself superior to the others, causing enmity between all of the subspecies. This hatred eventually led to a civil war and has continued on and off for millennia.

All Aqualish have bald heads, slightly furred cheeks, and two walruslike tusks that curve over their mouths. These tusks are highly sensitive to heat and cold. On their homeworld, they use their tusks to crack open shellfish and burrow through swampy loam. Aqualish also have red-colored blood that does not cauterize.

The Aquala subspecies is the baseline Aqualish breed, making up ninety percent of the population. They have two bulbous black eyes and finned hands that make it difficult for them to operate the machinery and tools of off-worlders, designed for species with digits. As a result, Aquala tend to remain in the oceans of Ando rather than exploring the galaxy.

The Quara subspecies also has two eyes, but they developed clawed hands. Because they have five digits that can manipulate foreign tools more easily, this subspecies travels offworld more than the others. On Ando, they tend to live in the wetlands.

The Ualaq, the least populous and most discriminated against subspecies, might be the result of genetic mutation. They have four eyes instead of two, and their hands range from three to five furless digits. They live primarily in the caves and dark rain forests of Ando.

Aqualish characters are no stranger to brawls and will be more adept and powerful in melee than your average adventurer.

Armor size: large