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X-wing fighter

Incom Corporation's T-65 X-wing is a small, single-pilot starfighter that measures 12.5 meters from nose to engine block. With powerful sublight ion engines, a targeting computer, defensive shields, four wing mounted laser cannons, and a limited supply of photon torpedoes, the X-wing is fast, highly maneuverable, and extremely well armed. These starfighters are also equipped with hyperdrives for light speed travel. A recessed socket, situated on the outer hull behind the cockpit, is designed as an interface for an R2 or R5 astromech droid. The droid assists the pilot by monitoring onboard systems, performing routine and emergency maintenance, and even flying the craft when circumstances permit. Astromechs also augment the craft's computer capabilities, assist with astrogation, and hold preset hyperspace jump coordinates. The X-wing's double-layered wings split open into an X shape for atmospheric travel and when the starfighter shifts into attack position. The Rebel Alliance uses these starfighters extensively.

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