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World Devastator

The great Imperial war machine know as the World Devastator appears even more terrible than the Death Star. World Devastators inflict massive amounts of destruction, then salvage and use the destroyed material to create new war ships to bolster the Imperial fleet. These machines are also referred to as World Sweepers, World Smashers, and City Eaters. Designed by Imperial engineer Umak Leth, these kilometers-high, kilometers-wide machines are powered by massive ion engines and repulsorlift gravity transformers. The open maws on these machines contain raging molecular furnaces that are powered by microscopic black holes. Whole cities are pulled into these furnaces, where the raging power breaks the material into simple molecules. These molecules, in turn, are reassembled within the onboard factories as new Imperial war ships.

Each Devastator is different in appearance, as the machines are self-constructing. Within, a Devastator's core are the materials processing plants–blast furnaces, stamping mills, and chemical vats. Not everything a Devastator destroys is used by the machine; some raw materials are stored for transport to specialized industrial planets. What is kept is fed into the factory levels, where slave labor and droids construct an unending supply of TIE fighters, ground-assault vehicles, arms and armament, and other items needed to further the war efforts of the Empire. The upper decks of a Devastator house control towers, command stations, living areas, and hangar bays. The outer surface is covered with gun towers and missile launch ports. Shield generators cloak the entire vessel, though selected portions of the shields can be raised and lowered by the command personnel.

World Devastators have complex computer and guidance systems, which are regulated from the planet Byss by means of a hyperspace-transmitted Master Control Signal.

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