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A-9 Vigilance Interceptor

Kuat Drive Yards has long been a major player in the Imperial war industry. Manufacturer of the Star Destroyer (and many other ships), KDY has long wanted a crack at the snubfighter market. As long as TIE fighters were the fighter of choice of Navy planners, there was little chance, but their project teams have had designs on the back burner for years. With the mutiny, there was an increased demand for light combat craft and KDY began building their prime design, the A-9 Vigilance Interceptor.

The A-9 is a sleek, stripped down fighter. Like other Imperial models, it lacks both hyperdrive and shields to cut all extraneous mass. In addtion, it pares down the hull and escape systems (Imperial ejection systems have become a joke to most pilots anyway). Reduced cockpit complexity makes the A-9 one of the easiest fighters to learn. The A-9 is a very small craft, trading off mass for maneuverability, making it popular with elite pilot corps. The fighter's weaponry incorporates twin laser cannon that can be fired independently or linked.

Of course, KDY never predicted its state-of-the-art design would end up on New Republic hands. The majority of their factories are usually fanchised out to the local governors of poor planets. One such governor was Abam Tev. Running her factories like slave yards, with low pay and no safety precautions, she inadvertently inspired the first Rebel cells in her system. Finally tired of the deteriorating conditions, the workers revolted and allied with the New Republic, which was only too glad to accept the A-9 as well. The Republic has always preferred lightspeed capable fighters, but with a design this good, the compromise was worth it.

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