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Star Destroyer

The colossal, wedge shaped capital starships known as Star Destroyers are perhaps the most feared and most instantly recognizable vessels roaming the space lanes. The two new classes of Star Destroyers, the Imperial class and the Super class, are found exclusively in the Imperial fleet. An older model, the Victory class, dates back to the end of the Clone Wars and can be found in service among system defense and large corporate constabulary fleets.

The Imperial class Star Destroyer is 1.6 kilometers long and bristles with offensive weaponry. Turbolasers and ion cannon batteries create a wide ranging field of fire around the wedge, and a complement of TIE fighters are carried within its hangar bays to add even more punch. Defensive shield generators, tractor beam projectors, and sophisticated sensor arrays round out this capital ship's exterior emplacements. An Imperial Star Destroyer also carries drop ships, landing barges, shuttles, repair vessels, deep space probes, an assortment of specialized droids, field artillery weapons, walkers, ground assault vehicles, modular building units, soldiers, and Imperial stormtroopers.

The Super class Star Destroyer, the newest model in the fleet, is eight kilometers long, dwarfing even the massive Imperial Star Destroyers. Though the Super Star Destroyer is approximately five times as powerful as its smaller predecessor, the few currently in service are not primarily used as combat starships. Instead, these vessels are used as command ships, guiding fleets and serving as headquarters from which to conduct planetary assaults and space battles.

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