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Skipray Blastboat

Blastboats fill the gap between starfighters and capital ships, combining some of the best of both vessel classifications into one ship. They have the speed of starfighters and the armament of capital ships. The most popular model currently in use, Sienar Fleet Systems' GAT12j Skipray, operates equally well in atmosphere and deep space.

While it was designed for point missions and patrol assignments for the Imperial fleet, it never replaced the TIE fighter. Consequently, blastboats were dumped on the open market. Since then, they have found their way into local defense fleets, smuggler camps, and mercenary forces. With hyperdrives and power boosted armaments, blastboats are formidable ships. They are considered to be capital ships not because of their size (a mere twenty five meters long), but because of the power rating of their weapons systems.

The Skipray performs exceptionally well within a planet's atmosphere. In deep space, it has low maneuverability and so relies on speed and a devastating first strike. Its weapons include three medium ion cannons, one twin laser cannon turret, one proton torpedo launcher and one concussion missile launcher.

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