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Interdictor cruiser

Using the shell of a 600 meter long heavy star cruiser, the Interdictor-class cruiser was designed to serve a specific purpose in the Imperial fleet. The core of this vessel is a massive gravity-well generator and its four gravity-well projectors. The projectors emit waves of energy that disrupt the mass lines of realspace, simulating the presence of a true stellar body. This displacement of mass lines serves two purposes. First, ships within the sphere of influence of a gravity well cannot engage their hyperdrives. Second, ships travelling through hyperspace that come in contact with the resulting gravity shadow must drop back into realspace when their hyperdrive cutoff kicks in. Thus, Interdictors prevent lightspeed escapes by enemy ships, and ambush those ships that travel the hyperspace lanes by forcing them to shift back into realspace so that an Imperial armada can pounce on them.

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