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B-wing fighter

The uniquely shaped B-wing fighter adds four power plants and a command pod to a primary airfoil to create one of the most heavily armed fighters in the Rebel Alliance arsenal. Two movable secondary airfoils form a cross midway between the command pod and the primary airfoil wingtip. These alter their position during flight: they extend fully to bring the ship's maximum concentration of firepower to bear and tuck into the primary airfoil when in cruise mode. The command pod employs a radical design, using an automatic gyroscopically stabilized suspension system to keep the pod in a fixed position. The airfoil rotates around the stabilized pod, creating a flexible firing platform while the pilot experience none of the effects of rapid spins, twists, or turns. The primary and two secondary wingtips sport ion cannons, while the command pod features a fully mounted laser cannon. Other weapons include two internally mounted proton torpedo launchers and two small blaster cannons.

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