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TIE fighter

The main combat starfighter used by the Empire is the TIE fighter. Fast, maneuverable, and apparently endless in number, TIE fighters are deployed from bases and capital ships, as they have neither the range nor the capability to travel great distances on their own. As short range patrol and attack craft, TIEs serve the Imperial fleet very well. Twin Ion Engines provide the propulsion for these fighters, which are controlled by a single pilot. Armed with two laser cannons, but lacking any sort of combat shields, TIEs were designed for use as reconnaissance craft, perimeter defense ships, and ship to ship combat vehicles. The hexagon shaped solar panel "wings" that jut from the spherical command pod gather light and convert it into energy that powers the propulsion and weapons systems. In addition to the basic TIE fighter design, a bent-wing interceptor and a double-pod bomber model are also found in Imperial service.

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