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Imperial Walkers

The four-legged combat vehicle called an All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT), or "walker", serves as both a troop transport and an assault craft. It provides high-powered support to Imperial ground forces. An individual walker stands over fifteen meters tall, has blaster-proof armor plating, and resembles a mechanical beast as it strides across the battlefield. The movable "head" contains the crew deck, with a pilot's station, gunner's station, and commanding officer/combat coordination station. A walker's armament consists of heavy blaster cannons mounted on each side of the head and under the "chin".

When the Empire began to design its military war machine, it sought weapons to match the terror inspired by Star Destroyers and unending hordes of stormtroopers. The AT-AT, an unstoppable juggernaut of fear and fury, fit in well with the Imperial doctrine of rule by terror. A walker carries troops and light vehicles into combat areas, marching fearlessly through most defenses. The massive AT-AT kneels to unload its troops, lowering assault ramps from the rear portion of its armored body.

Modeled after the larger AT-AT, the All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) serves as a reconnaissance or defense vehicle. Lightweight and built for speed, the "chicken" or "scout walker" runs on two metal legs. The two-man crew sits in a small, armoured command pod. With its maneuver- ability and quickness, a scout walker provides covering fire for ground troops or defends the flanks and undersides of the AT-AT's. The seven meter tall AT-ST has chin- and side-mounted blaster cannons and feet claws for cutting through fixed defenses.

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