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Ugors are a species of intelligent unicellular protozoans that grow to the size of one meter in diameter. They can extrude up to thirty pseudopodia at a time, some of which contain visual and other sensory organlike growths, or even openings and membranes that allow them to communicate via speech. Ugor move by oozing from place to place or by controlling specialized environment suits built to humanoid specifications. They come from a star system they call Paradise, a junk filled asteroid field that they administer. To them, garbage is holy. Every piece of junk is a religious relic. They have an exclusive contract with the Empire to collect garbage jettisoned from Imperial fleet ships and store it in their garbage dump system. Gambling, bargaining, and cheating are the high moral standards the Ugors live up to. Other scavenger species, like the Squib, are considered business rivals to be crushed and eliminated.

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