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Quarren is the species name for the aliens who are commonly called Squid Heads by the galaxy's general populace. These amphibious beings share the world of Calamari with the Mon Calamari race, though the Quarren prefer the depths of the floating cities to the upper reaches the Mon Calamari call home. The Quarren are more practical and conservative than their idealistic world-mates. Whereas the Mon Calamari have adopted Basic as their language of choice, the Quarren have kept their oceanic tongue.

The Quarren are sea dwellers, able to live out of the water, but preferring the security of the ocean depths. These pragmatic people are unwilling to trust new ideas. They do not dream of brighter tomorrows like the Mon Cals, but instead hold fast to the reality of yesterdays. While they profess that the two races should remain in the sea, they have followed the Mon Cals into their floating cities and out among the stars. They have become dependent on the Calamarians, and this dependency has led to resentment and even outright hatred.

Rumors persist that it was a small number of Quarren who helped the Empire originally invade the planet. In the face of invading forces, the Quarren cooperated with the Mon Calamari to repel the Imperials. But since that day, many Quarren have fled the planet to seek a life elsewhere in the galaxy. They seem to have purposely remained apart from both the Empire and the Rebels, preferring to find a place on the fringes of society. Quarren can often be found working with pirates, slavers, crime lords, smugglers, and other unsavory sorts.

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