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Ixll is the species name of the small, intelligent flying beings that inhabit the fifth moon of Da Soocha. These beings speak a language, comprised of chirps and whistles, which has many similarities to the language of astromech droids. Mischievous Ixll sometimes emit sounds that affect a droid's programming. In their native environment, Ixll are hunted by creatures called tumnors.

Ixlls are capable of true flight in their home planet's low gravity. They have normal vision augmented by sonar, allowing them to fly safely at night, or when the sun is eclipsed by DA Soocha (a frequent occurrence).

The Ixlls learned how to use their voices to communicate with R2 units and other droids that use such information dense languages.

Ixlls are quite playful and think of the New Republic officers and troops as new an interesting people to play with. They are quite pleased to have so many guests at one time and especially like the droids.

Pranks: There has been some minor trouble with playful Ixlls "accidentally" reprogramming the droids. Sometimes this amounts to little more then a droid screwing up a repair job. In other cases, some Ixlls have led the droids away to give as gifts to one another. The Ixlls find this quite amusing; the Republic diplomats are trying to politely resolve the matter.

Size: 1.4 meters, 4 meter wingspan.

Capsule: Evolved from omnivorous predators, Ixlls have a well developed society and are clever toolmakers. Though xenologists are still studying their nuances, they are very friendly to the Republic personnel and in many cases have "adopted" certain people. Ixll society is feudal in structure, but is generally peaceful. They make simple but elegant crafts such as leather bags and ornaments. They are very curious about nature and life beyond the home planet. They have developed the scientific method, and are quickly learning about technologies such as robotics, computers, repulsorlifts and starship engines. They are developing their chemical sciences. They use several unique defenses against enemies. The most advanced of these defenses are so-called "exploding stones" (black powder grenades) they keep in pouches around their necks.

Ixlls live in warrens built at the flattened tops of the columns. They like collecting odds and ends to decorate these nests. Often, stolen Rebel equipment is part of their collection.

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