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A Hutt is any of the intelligent species from the planet Varl, a dying world orbiting a dwarf star named Ardos. A Hutt has a huge, bulbous head, a wide, blubbery body, a tapering muscular tail, and speaks Huttese. They can reach lengths of up to five meters. Hutts have no legs, but they do have short, swollen arms. Two enormous, reptilian eyes emerge from the folds of flesh covering the head, and a lipless mouth slices across the wide face. Most Hutts are megalomaniacs who believe themselves the equals of any gods. They are tough and thoroughly immoral, given to taking and exercising power over others. As a long-lived species–some Hutts claim to be as old as one thousand years–many Hutts have left their homeworld to set up colonies or to mingle with the other races in the galaxy.

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