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Herglics come from the planet Giju. These huge bipeds apparently evolved from water-dwelling mammals. They stand about 1.9 meters tall, have very wide bodies (more than twice the width of a human), and have smooth, hairless skin that ranges from shades of light blue to nearly black in coloration. Fins and flukes have been replaced by arms and legs, though they still breathe through blow holes in the tops of their heads. This species is known for its explorers and merchants, who were among the first members of the Old Republic. The manufacturing centers of Giju were the earliest to be taken over by the might of the Empire, and after a brief and bloody struggle, the pragmatic species surrendered completely to the Empire's will. This allowed them to live fairly comfortably as they labored for Imperial masters. Herglics tend to overindulge in gambling, and they are very self-conscious about their size.

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