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Barabels are bipedal reptiloids who stand from 1.75 to 2.5 meters tall. Horny black scales cover their bodies, and long, sharp teeth fill their mouths. They inhabit the dark, humid world of Barab I. Though spice smugglers and other criminals often use the world as a refuge, it rarely receives open galactic traffic. Therefore, the Bababel species is not widely known and few of the reptiloids have found their way off-planet. The underground spaceport of Alater-ka is crude by Core standards, but sporting hunters fill the tourist lodges to hunt the terrible beasts that inhabit the world. Some Barabels have taken jobs as porters and guides, and a few have even left the world with bounty hunter commissions, but the majority of the species remains untamed and uncivilized. They have a deep respect for Jedi Knights, and a few have tried to emulate the Jedi tradition despite little aptitude in the Force. This respect goes back to the time of the Barabel War, when the primitive hunters split into two factions over access to choice hunting grounds. Passing Jedi Knights intervened and negotiated a peaceful solution, keeping the Barabels from killing themselves needlessly.

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