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Togoria, a world of grassy plains and rolling hills orbiting the blue-white star Thanos, is the homeworld of the feline Togorians. The Togorians have near-complete separation between the sexes, with the males and females only seeing each other a few days each year. The males spend the remainder of their time nomadically wandering the plains with domesticated flying lizards called Mosgoths, used as riding mounts. Similar flying reptiles known as Liphons are dangerous predators, but the Togorian's Mosgoths help keep them at bay. The females spend their time in the cities, tending animals such as the Bist and Etelo and maintaining their society's solar technology.

The government is headed by the Margrave of Togoria, a hereditary office always held by male descendants. The Margrave's closest female relative, living in the capital city of Caross, rules over the cities and the day-to-day activities of their females and young children.

Togorian technology is still relatively low-tech, although the females have proven to be an attractive market for personal technology and Togoria's vast mineral resources have yet to be tapped.

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