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From the Datapad Journal of Jobany Cyrs (Alliance Scout):

Where do I begin? In the past? In the now? Socorro has been the home of my family for numerous generations. Though I've been away for some time, I am bound by some inner power that emanates from this strange planet. And I return every few years to sit in the black ash of its surface, to feel the heat of the distant red giant that dominates this system, and to relive the excitement of the first civilized humans to ever lay eyes on this desolate, lonely world. My ancestor, Kirr Cyrs, once stated that all things born of Socorro are inevitably caught up in an intricate web of life here; in time, as life wanes, those that leave must return and render themselves unto the black sands of their birthworld. It is here, in these ever-shifting dunes of shadow and ash that the past and present intermingle in such a way as to be indistinguishable.

As I stare into the vast expanse of the Doaba Badlands, I am reminded of just how vulnerable I really am. Within these seamless black tracts of desert are active underground volcanoes, hidden sand wells, and deadly gas fields. And yet, despite the hardships of this planet, people still live here, surviving as they did some thousands of years ago.

Soco-Jarel spaceport and the city of Vakeyya are both testimonials to the advancement of civilization on this often uncivil world. Within those boundaries, spacers and native tribesmen walk the streets as easily as you and I might easily walk down the corridors of an Alliance Garrison. These are Kindred spirits, in more ways than any being could know or comprehend. If you are to be welcome here, you must be willing to understand...

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