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The planet Rodia was an oddity: a world so lush and teeming that its people (the Rodians) were able to develop technology without abbandoning hunting-gathering practices. The result was a society that depended entirely on the natural patterns for survival. As long as the planet continued to teem with wildlife, Rodians had it easy. They became the most sought-after bounty hunters for their tracking skills, and the Rodian clans were able to benefit from this economic boom.

But lately, weather patterns in Rodia have changed and much of the lush Rodian forest has been dying. The Rodians are slowly finding that they are quite incapable of surviving using their present social and cultural patterns. Most of the cities have been abandoned, and those that remain are economic wastelands. Bare plains remain where once forests thrived, and the pleasant warm weather has been replaced by a cold season that lasts ten months out of the year.

The Rodian clans, under such pressure to survive, have turned their ancient antagonism into a full-blown bloodbath, and there is even talk that the Empire is preparing to step in on the side of clans favoring Imperial rule.

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