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The primary planet in the Panto star system is Pantolomin. Two other planets also orbit the sun: Toloran, a colder, harsher world, and distant Atloran. The entire system operates as a resort for galactic travelers. From the tropical climes of Pantolomin to the wintery wonderland of Toloran, from the zero-G campgrounds of Atloran to the deep-space station of Panto Prime, the system features vacation packages for every taste and species.

Pantolomin is an ocean world with a tropical and semitropical environment. The three continents and five major islands are jungle paradises, and the underwater coral reefs are renowned for their great beauty. A popular attraction is the subocean cruise ships which take leisurely tours through the ocean depths. The amphibious Lomins and the Tolos of Toloran share duties and responsibilities on the system's governing tourist board.

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