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Onderon is a planet of legend, of mystery, of wonder. It is a planet from before the days of the Old Republic - from a period talked about only in the ancient tales of the Jedi. It is rumored to hold many ancient and forbidden artifacts which have not seen the light of day since the dawn of the Old Republic. More than 4,000 years before the Galactic Civil War, the ambassador Freedon Nadd established the first settlement on the planet which prospered and thrived under his care.

Onderon had peace for 400 years until the planet was viciously attacked by a group of raiders led by Ulic Qel-Droma. Most of the settlement was destroyed and its citizens enslaved. Why or when the slavers left is unknown. It is commonly thought that they left to continue their reign of terror on some other unsuspecting planet. Over the course of time, a city was built on the hemisphere opposite of the capital city Iziz (which to this day remains uninhabited and dormant).

Despite the bad reputation Iziz had given the planet, the new city has brought trade and prosperity to Onderon and has recently won an award for 'best place to visit when you are about to level' and its citizens have recently been given a citation by the galactic civil council for 'safest place to level' whereas most adventures just seek solitude in its lush jungles, beautiful forests, and breathtaking valleys as an escape from the PK hunters known to frequent the region.

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