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Gamorr is the home planet of Gamorreans, a brutish, porcine species known for their great strength and violent tendencies. Green skinned, with piglike snouts, small horns, and tusks, Gamorreans stand approximately 1.8 meters tall.

Gamorr is a pleasant world with a wide variety of temperatures and terrains. Gamorreans love to hack and slash using all kinds of melee weapons. Gamorreans live in clans headed by matrons. In Gamorrean culture, females handle all of the productive work, while the males spend all their time training for and fighting wars.

Wielding primitive melee weapons with expert savagery, the males fight from early spring to late fall.

Technological weapons are saved for off-planet use. A number of Gamorreans served as guards in Jabba the Hutt's desert palace.

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