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Carida is a temperate and pleasant world located deep in territory still held by the Empire. Its great defect in terms of attracting immigrants is its heavy gravity field.

Carida came into its own two centuries ago when the Old Republic Army decided to located a proving ground installation here. Carida's many terrain features as well as its sparse population made it ideal for testing weaponry and military transport of all sorts.

Over the space of a few decades, an infrastructure grew up around the small base, and other military agencies, defense firms and other businesses transported their personal and research facilities to Carida to supplement the proving ground. By the time the Empire grew to envelope Carida, it has a population of 23 million inhabitants, and several small cities around the globe.

Carida's untamed landmasses provide an appropriate range of harsh training environments for both men and machine; arctic wastelands, dense and uncharted rainforests filled with primitive predators, carnivorous plants, and poisonous insects, splintered mountain crags, and a searing desert crawling with venomous multi-legged reptiles all push soldiers and their machiens to the limit.

Most noted is Carida's ruler, Ambassador Furgan, and the Military Academy, which is home of of many schools including the esteemed Stormtrooper Commando School. Carida also is the home of many businesses and factories and high technology weapons.

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