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Pinnacle Base (Da Soocha V)

As New Republic strategists on Coruscant observed the battles in the nearby Kaikielius and Metellos systems, many were already convinced that Imperial City would again live up to its name. It was imperative to select a new command base immediately. The base had to be secret so the Rebellion could hide its military leaders from Imperial assassins, yet had to be near enough to trade routes to allow the Republic to effectively govern the territory that remained.

With time running out, the options narrowed. Eventually, the pinnacle moon was selected as the most suitable location, especially because its location had never been registered on the Haven list, which had fallen into Imperial hands.

The moon that greeted their transports was certainly unusual. Pinnacle is an old world, geologically speaking. Billions of years ago, as the surface was first forming, powerful volcanic eruptions spewed superheated minerals high in to the air. The effect of Da Soocha's heavy gravity with the world's light gravity created immense tidal forces, which washed away the sedimentary layers of soil, leaving the pinnacles.

Many kilometers high, these pillars were hollowed out by erosion. Many forms of plant and animal life live inside these columns, creating the illusion of a sparse, desolate world. One effect of Da Soocha V's unique environment is that nearly all higher forms can fly. The most highly evolved are the Ixlls, small intelligent mammals inhabiting upper strata of the columns. With fusion drills, technicians cut into the few lifeless columns and built facilities there.

With the final assault of the Empire, Pinnacle Base's location is no longer a secret and the Rebel Alliance is now trying to find an appropriate location for a new command base.

Terrain: mesas, pinnacle spires, mountains, oceans.

Natives: Ixlls and tumnors are native to Da Soocha V. While the Ixlls are playful and like to reprogram the New Republic's droids, no tumnor has been observed as of yet by scientists.

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