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Imperial City

Imperial City, on the planet Coruscant, was originally called Coruscant City. During the days of the Old Republic, it served as the capital of the galactic union and the permanent headquarters of the Senate. When the Emperor came to power, the city was named Imperial City and became the ruling seat of the Emperor's New Order.

This cosmopolitan city is always crowded. When the Old Republic was in charge, every known intelligent species in the galaxy was drawn to the bright lights of this beautiful city. The Emperor, of course, closed the city to any nonhumans--alien species were only permitted at the sides of their human masters.

The ancient Senate Hall fills part of the city. Its carved stone pillars surround seemingly endless tiers of benches. The massive Imperial Palace looms over the hall, tapered spires and fragile looking towers jutting from every surface. These glowing towers stretch out to blend with the rest of the city's architecture, giving the impression of one endless structure that reaches from the base of the Manarai Mountains to cover a huge portion of the planet's main continent.

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