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Cloud City

The mining outpost and trading station called Cloud City floats high within the atmosphere of the gas-giant planet Bespin. It is a small city of landing platforms, delicate spires, jutting towers, and airy plazas--all held aloft atop a long repulsorlift unipod.

Cloud City's major industry is the mining and exporting of Tibanna gas, but it also serves as a merchant outpost and recreational center. While off the main space lanes, those who know about Cloud City arrive to enjoy its many casinos, restaurants, and shopping plazas. In addition to the many spacers who frequent its ports, Cloud City boasts a diverse citizenry of humans, droids, and assorted alien species.

Cloud City was originally founded by Lord Ecclessis Figg of Corellia. He started it as a floating work base and slowly developed it into the city it became.

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