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A sector is a cluster of star systems gathered together for economic and political reasons. The Old Republic originally began the practice of combining linked star systems into sectors. At first, a sector was made up of as many star systems as it took to give it approximately fifty habitable (or already inhabited) planets. This definition became less binding as the Republic continued, and in its later days most sectors were vast and unmanageable. When the Emperor introduced his New Order to rule the Empire, he reinvented sectors to better control and administer the Empire. Under the Empire, a Moff controls a sector. All of the planetary governors within the sector answer to the Moff (who may also serve as a governor of a favorite world). Each Moff has a military sector group under his command, and uses these forces to secure the possibly hundreds of systems within his sector. To deal with rebellious or otherwise difficult systems, the Emperor appointed Grand Moffs to oversee priority sectors. A priority sector is a sector consisting of systems in which unrest is chronic or recently on the rise. A priority sector often crosses the boundaries of standard sectors, containing the worlds of a dozen or more sectors.

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