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The old 'Player Rights' panic file (for nostalgia's sake)

The Mighty Galactic Empire has adopted these universal mudding rights as the rights of all players here on SWmud.

  1. Every player has the right to be a frog.
  2. Should the system the player is on fail to implement the "being frog" functionality, the player has a right to pretend he/she is a frog.
  3. If a player does not exercise the right to be a frog, or to pretend to be one, other players still have the right to pretend he/she is a frog.

In an act of unscrupulous tyranny, the evil Galactic Empire has made it impossible for the players of SWmud to become frogs!!! We must unite if we are to overthrow this oppression! Support the Rebel Alliance, and together we can defeat the Emperor and his minions!!!

-Mon Mothma-

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