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SWmud Religion

In the beginning... There was Set.

And on the first day, Set said 'Let there be Light'. And there was light. And the light was OK (in short bursts, if it wasn't pointing directly at His eyes).

On the second day, Set created frogs. And Set said 'Frogs are good. Frogs are REAL good!'.

On the third day, Set was bored and unmotivated, so He sat around the Universe creating gaseous anomolies and eating frogs.

His boredom and lack of motivation lasted for five days.

On the eighth day, Set rested.

On the ninth day, Set decided that He shall have multiple races of beings that could be at His beck and call, so He created Man, Rodian, Gamorrean, Mon Calamari (which He decided taste Good!), Defel, Sullustan, Wookiee, Ewok (which in retrospect, He decided was a mistake), Noghri, Jawa (only He knows why), and Bothan. Set liked having all these sentients around to please His every whim and He said 'This is Good.'

On the tenth day, Set rested again.

On the eleventh day, Set decided that none of these races in which he created could properly dance, so He created nubile Twi'lek females which knew how to move pleasingly in His presence. Because He didn't want a shortage of them, He created thick-headed Twi'lek males to carry on the race.

On the twelfth day, Set drank and ate frogs.

On the thirteenth day, Set decided that he needed a foe to prove how divine He was. So Set created Zurk. And Set said, 'Zurk is Bad, which is Good.'

On the fourteenth day, Set rested (and mocked Zurk).

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