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Definition from the SWMud Galactic Dictionary and Cookbook, 528th edition:

fubar (foo'bahr)

1. n. (proper)
The formal title of the head of state for the planetary government on Riddem XII.
2. n. (slang)
Due to the exploits of Fubar Stinky the Sloshed, who was incessantly inebriated during his entire 98 standard year reign, the famed etymologist Spanky the Banal helped bring FUBAR into popular parlance. In his famed 84,503 page tome, he used the term to describe anyone who drinks way, way, WAY too much. The people of both Yagga Minor and Riddem XII embraced the term, and it spread like wildfire to the rest of the known galaxy within 20 standard years. Only the planet Apatha 9 seemed to shun the term, along with any and all other slang.
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