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BS (bee-ess)

n. (slang)
1. Foolish, insolent talk.
2. Idle conversation, predominantly pointless.

Contrary to popular belief, BS is not an abbreviation for a more derogatory term, but is a unique word in its own right, used in both written and spoken communication alike. Its use is found throughout the known galaxy, except on the planet Apatha 9 in the Ennui Cluster.

The etymology of the word was researched extensively by Spanky the Banal of Yaga Minor during the Flurvian Revolt following the Great Spleen Venting. Historians agree that his 84,503 page tome tracking this word's origin was "the most detailed, most authoritative load of BS in the galaxy." The treatise not only provided extensive charting of the phonetic shifts (and glottal stops) of Spoken Galactic Basic that occurred during the Great Rimward Expansion Period (GREP), it also analyzed and cross-referenced countless written examples with exhaustive detail. Unfortunately the book was lost forever when the Great Library of Riddem XII, along with the rest of the planet, was destroyed by an ill-timed supernova in the neighboring system.

Now, the quintessential masterpiece of BS lives on only through vague literary reference and in the minds of people who give a hoot. But BS itself will never die, in part due to the dedication and thankless work of historians like Spanky the Banal, but mostly because of the unending supply of foolish, insolent talk and idle, predominantly pointless conversation.

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