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Probe Droid

Probe droids, or probots, are designed to perform reconnaissance missions gather data and transmitting it back to their masters. As sophisticated surveillance and tracking droids, probots have a wide variety of military and scientific applications. Tenacious hunters and searchers, probots are equipped with an array of sensors, including electromagnetic, motive, acoustic, seismic, and olfactory measuring devices. Military probots typically recieve offensive and defensive weaponry. Designed to withstand the rigors of space and hostile planetary environments, these droids are extremely tough and durable, and have a variety of specialized tools connected to many mechanical appendages.

Most probots are launched in one way pods which get the droids to their target locations. Once there, they must complete their missions and report back to their bases of origin. If feasible, the bases may provide a means for the droids' return. Otherwise, they are on their own. If the missions call for it, probots are provided with orbital ships that allow them to perform their missions from space and then return to their bases.

Most models use repulsors to provide locomotion once they reach their destination.

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