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A mynock is a parasitic creature that feeds on energy. These black, leathery flying creatures attach themselves with specialized suction organs to passing starships. They typically travel in packs, and a common specimen can grow as large as 1.6 meters with a wingspan of 1.25 meters.

Mynocks are a silicon based life form that evolved in the vacuum of space. They are nourished by stellar radiation and absorb silicon and other minerals from asteroids and other space debris. When they absorb enough extra material, they reproduce by dividing in two. As they are extremely energy-tropic, they often attach themselves to passing starships. They not only seek the energy spillage these ships give off, but they absorb the minerals from the hulls in order to reproduce themselves. This causes untold damage to the ships if their presence is not discovered in time. Although they once came from a single system, mynocks have migrated throughout the galaxy as unwanted passengers aboard unsuspecting starships.

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