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Score Board for Xerakon

Race:  Falleen
Guilds:  Bounty Hunter, Assassin, Scientist
Team:  Rebel
Date at 50/50:  Sunday, July 20, 2003
Kills:  795
Toughest Mob:  Mistryl Shadow Guard
Favorite skill:  Modify armor / Armor weapons
Favorite planet:  Nar Shaddaa
Favorite item:  Alshain LRD-7 Quantum Katana
Role as a Bounty Hunter:  'To gain wealth from the misfortune of other sentients.'
Quote:  'The only constant in life is change. Those that adapt, survive.'

Xerakon is a Falleen, one of the more aloof and rare races in the galaxy. He is dressed in the armor of the ancient Mandalorian Commandos, suggesting he makes his pay as a bounty hunter. The legendary blast armor has been painted a matte black color with a grey bodysuit beneath. It appears to be heavily modified, with numerous gadgets and surprises built into the plating, turning the wearer into a walking armory. The familiar T-shaped visor of the helmet features a variety of modifications. Most noticably, a small hole has been drilled into the top of the helmet, allowing the topknot of his hair to cascade behind him. The helmet has also been altered, allowing the front half of the helmet to be raised like a visor if desired by the wearer. He carries a jetpack on his back, granting him accessibility and mobility in battle. Between the jetpack and his back is the distinguishable shape of sheathed blade weapon of some sort. The distinguishable miniature quantum-field generator on the weapon's hilt indicates this is the revolutionary and rare Alshain LRD-7 Quantum Katana. Despite this abundance of weight, he seems under little strain, thanks to the powered anti-grav boots he wears. His gloves are also of a unique nature, coated in a sticky resin which gives him a better grip on his weapons. Stuncuffs, a grisly scalping knife, and a survival pack go around his waist, carrying tools of the trade.

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