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Score Board for Sheerabi

Race:  Wookiee
Guilds:  Mercenary, Smuggler, Scientist
Team:  Rebel
Date at 50/50:  I don't actually know =)
Kills:  ???
Toughest Mob:  That would be Faren Domaw, which little me died to. A lot. ; )
Favorite skill:  Advanced Haggle. And Rage. It's pretty even.
Favorite planet:  Bimmisaari
Favorite item:  Medkit. It's a lifesaver.
Role as a Mercenary:  To keep those under my charge safe. And to get a job done cleanly. And neatly. Otherwise, I'm the guide out of your worst nightmares.. I can get anyone lost... VERY well ;)
Quote:  'Try not to think that you're better than everyone else. It's easy to just be humble, and to say you know nothing, rather than claim you know it all, and end up looking a fool before a better man (or woman). Therefore, I know nothing. Please teach me what you know, so I may better myself.'

Sheerabi, last name unknown, began her young life, adopted at a tender age by a loving family. A petty smuggler and temperamental fighter, she began to realize her true potential the day the Mercenary Revenge walked into her life, all guns blazing, where he defeated an Imperial Officer, the notorious Captain Srdje. Most awed, she begged him to teach her to be a mercenary to be feared, like he. He took her under his wing, and trained her, and trained her well, to kill. And keep killing. Together, they roamed the Galaxy, creating havoc and destruction. Contentedly married to her friend, and tutor, she finally gained the confidence to walk her own that led her into her own adventures and perils. And glory.

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