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Race:  Clawdite
Guilds:  Assassin, Scientist, Jedi, Smuggler
Team:  Imperial
Date at 50/50:  Saturday, April 26, 2008
Kills:  1062
Toughest Mob:  Commander of the Resistance Movement
Favorite skill:  Duplicate
Favorite planet:  Endor
Favorite item:  My toolkit
Role as an Assassin:  To kill, to hide, to avenge, to protect, to creep around... all while looking Ninja-like.
Quote:  'Let's do him.'

His clothes all black and on his arm is the crest of the Imperial Syndicate. His body starts changing in size and weight, pausing at Bothan for a few seconds and eventually moving onto Noghri where he fades into the shadows.

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