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Score Board for Scorch

Race:  Defel
Guilds:  Scientist, Jedi, Pilot
Team:  Rebel
Date at 50/50:  Thursday, March 1, 2001
Kills:  616
Toughest Mob:  Anakin Skydwarfer
Favorite skill:  Superheal
Favorite planet:  Kashyyyk
Favorite item:  Christmas 2000 Present
Role as a Scientist:  Help those in need, and have a 'blast' with friends! (Literally, BOOM!)
Quote:  'This is an awesome game. Lets remember that, but not forget the real people behind the characters, and the friendships that can be, and are, made here.'

Scorch stands before you. A strange blue aura surrounds his furry body. Once the most powerful Defel in the Jedi ranks, he sacrificed his own life to save his best friend, the Rodian Zaad, and his wife, the Sluissi Ember, from the clutches of a Sith Spirit. He is clothed in the simple black robes of a Jedi Knight. The wind blows the gray cloak draped from his shoulders and you notice his shiny silver lightsaber handle tucked into his belt. A bag made from the finely-tanned hide of a Krayt Dragon hangs from his shoulders. As you approach, he grins gooberishly at you and steps into the shadows. The thundering Snap-hiss of his lightsaber igniting startles you! He pats you on the back with his ghostly hand and gently fades completely from view.

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