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Score Board for Ryken

Race:  Mon Calamari (Phish)
Guilds when 50/50:  Slicer, Jedi, Scientist
Guilds currently:  Slicer, Jedi, Scientist, Smuggler
Team:  Rebel
Date at 50/50:  Sunday, December 30, 2001 [December 31st Aussie time]
Kills:  623
Toughest Mob:  Naga Sadow
Favorite skill:  Influence
Favorite planet:  Korriban
Favorite item:  Asaari Sap Cookie
Role as a Slicer:  We have a role?! Why didn't someone tell me this 119 levels ago?
Quote:  'You could have all the levels and experience in the world, but without making good friends along the way, you haven't achieved anything.'

Ryken is leaning casually, his back against a computer terminal. He appears to be a simple Mon Calamari, dressed in a dark robe with a black cylinder hanging from a belt. As you look closer, you realize that, instead of staring off into space, he is looking intently at an object in his left hand. Another object in his right hand is making a small, but noticeable, clicking noise as he moves his fingers. Your suspicions are aroused when you make out the small, but perceptible, wire running from a small datapad in his hand to the terminal behind him... but by then it is too late. He coughs, dropping the datapad into one of his pockets, and then is gone. You wander over to the terminal, trying to see what he was working on... too late! You notice a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers marching towards you. You look up and see Ryken grin and wave down at you from a higher walkway as you are dragged away by the Imperials. As you are dragged near an Imperial Prison transport, you see an all too familiar figure exit the landing ramp... how did he get there so fast? You have a bad feeling as you are dragged further towards the carrier. Then, without warning, the transport explodes and you, along with the troopers, are slammed into nearby walls by the impact. As you near unconsciousness, you hear the faint Snap-hiss of a lightsaber and smell the burning flesh. You feel something constrict your throat and darkness surrounds you. You have messed with the wrong Phish.

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