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Score Board for Ross

Race when 50/50:  Rodian
Current Race:  Clawdite
Guilds:  Mercenary, Diplomat, Jedi, Scientist
Team:  Imperial
Date at 50/50:  October 2, 2004; HMed on April 17, 2008
Kills:  1009
Toughest Mob:  Skydwarfer
Favorite skill:  Bodyguard
Favorite planet:  Death Star
Favorite item:  Targetting Helmet
Role as a Mercenary:  To provide an escort to whomever pays me the most.
Quote:  'The five Imperial Credos:
1. If it moves, shoot it.
2. If you miss it, find it, capture it, and beat it senseless.
3. If it's still breathing after you beat it, beat it again.
4. If it's still breathing, release it and let it try to move.
5. Repeat step 1, and 2-5 as necessary.'

Ross looks you over and smiles ever so slightly. He seems not to notice anything else other than you, as he slowly draws his hand out into the open as a peace offering. He nods and awaits your command, a fight perhaps?... for the right amount of credits, that is. He shifts slightly and you catch the eye of another being behind him come into view. This new being seems uneasy, restless, as it scans the area around you. It slowly moves around Ross and comes into full view, as you wonder what its mission is. It nods at Ross and turns back to look the other way. Quickly, it disappears from your view, as it is meant to protect Ross, always looking, always searching. Ross smiles again and nods, and begins to walk away. Over his back is slung a huge gatling blaster, that did not seem to be there before, and he turns back for one last smirk.

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