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Score Board for Revenge

Race:  Gamorrean
Guilds:  Mercenary, Smuggler, Scientist
Team: Rebel
Date at 50/50:  Wednesday, December 30, 1999
Kills:  900
Toughest Mob:  Jim, the Newbiway shopkeeper
Favorite skill:  Bash
Favorite planet:  Berchest
Favorite item:  Disruption Cannon
Role as a Mercenary:  To fight the good fight, and to try to keep myself and those that i call my friends alive.
Quote:  'If you're lucky, the best thing you will find on this mud and people on this mud are the people who will be your friends.'

Revenge is a big gamorrean, covered in the scars of past battles. Judging from those scars, the mad look in his eyes, and the disruption cannon he is wielding, you figure it might not be such a good idea to make him mad. Even though you heard he can be fun to hang out with, you're just not to sure if he will remember that while he is in a killing frenzy. Then while he is firing at something you can't see in the distance, he notices you.. He turns his head, lifts up the black visor of his helmet and smiles at you. Maybe he is a nice guy after all?

Then you see that he was removing the helmet and dropping his weapon to pull a mean-looking, poison-dripping spiked hammer from a backpack, and you realize he was smiling about the carnage he will be dealing out to the target he was just softening up with some ranged fire. The thought of the upcoming bloodshed was what he was smiling about all along...

As he walks off into the distance you decide it will be in your best interest to just stay where you are for now.

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