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Score Board for Renna

Race:  Twi'lek
Guilds:  Scientist, Jedi, Smuggler
Team when 50/50:  Rebel
Current Team:  Imperial
Date at 50/50:  Friday, February 14, 2003
Kills:  1098
Toughest Mob:  Advanced weapons research team leader
Favorite skill:  Superheal / Superheal Other
Favorite planet:  Tatooine
Favorite item:  RenRen the Floppy-Earred Purple Hamshter
Role as a Scientist:  Healing the galaxy, one person at a time.
Quote:  'Ask not what your mud can do for you, but what you can do for your mud.'

The wavery figure of Renna places her hands together and bows to you.

Renna S'llos stands before you confidently, but a nervous twitch of her tchin tells you that she is not entirely comfortable with public appearances. The slightly pudgy Twi'lek doctor wears a set of forest green Jedi robes instead of a more traditional doctor's coat, both for comfort and better access to the sparkly green lightsaber holstered at her side. Renna's pale purple skin has a slightly weathered look to it from years of baking in the hot suns of Tatooine, where she was raised instead of Ryloth, the Twi'lek homeworld.

The holoprojection's soundtrack says: Dr. Renna S'llos has dedicated her life to protecting her closest friends and adoptive family while searching for the Twi'leki family she never knew. Her medicinal knowledge and healing talents in the Force have been invaluable to the Rebellion over the years, as have her less savory contacts from the underworld she grew up in. However, the doctor's life was forever changed one day on the battlefield. A near-death experience and the kindness of an Imperial splinter group eventually led to her defection, not to the Empire, but to her new loving and loyal comrades. Renna, as always, remains herself, no matter what uniform she is wearing. While her nature and instincts are peaceful, war has forced her to be practical, so she will not hesitate to take a life in order to save another if the first cannot be reasoned with.

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